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6 weeks old up to 1 years old

Years to Grow's Infant program is personalized for you to fit your new bundle of joy's needs. Based on his or her's unique schedule, nutritional guidelines, as well as any other special attention that your baby requires is provided on an individual and daily basis. We provide a safe and nurturing home away from home, environment. Our infant program is designed to stimulate infants cognitively through individual routines, including physical development, and health; language and literacy, as well as social emotional learning.

Additionally, to assist each parent in our efforts to work cooperatively to meet the needs of your baby, every parent is given a daily record sheet reflecting documentation of all their baby's activities throughout the day.  Our routines and repetition are essential in creating a sense of security and predictability for your infant in their environment. Working together creates a healthier and happy baby.


Parents will be pleased to know that through the guidance of an Educational Specialist, your child's caregiver receives a minimum of 30 hours of infant and early childhood educational specialized training hours per year.

Infants: Staff
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